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I wake myself up with a morning workout, then off to a full day of classes, followed by Gospel Choir rehearsal. I rush back to my dorm to write that article for my college newspaper. When I look at my clock to start my homework, it’s already nearing midnight! Sometimes   Read More ...

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Ever try to get some work done and get distracted by the things around you? Or can’t find the remote because it’s buried under a pile of mail? What about when you’re on the phone and need to find that piece of paper with the requested information? You’re sifting through   Read More ...

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We often think about how to keep our body healthy and looking sharp, but do you ever think about keeping your brain healthy? Certain foods help us generate more brain cells, keeping our brains active. Our brain needs 3 things in order to stay healthy: omega-3 fats, (which is the   Read More ...

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Whether you’re a student, a mom, or a businessman, we never seem to be getting enough sleep. But we must maintain a healthy sleep cycle in order to stay healthy—mentally and physically. Sleep can affect our immune system, and people who get sufficient sleep are less likely to become sick. Most of   Read More ...

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Today was the first-ever giant master yoga class on a busy street in the heart of White Plains, NY. The class was led by Gwen Lawrence, team yoga instructor for the Giants, Knicks and Rangers. Over 500 people flooded the street with their yoga mats in nearly 100° weather, ready   Read More ...

I used to strictly count the amount of calories I consumed to ensure that I was meeting my daily caloric intake and not exceeding it. But it came to a point when it was just too much! I categorized this post under mental health because calorie counting can become obsessive   Read More ...

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While I wait in line at the grocery store, I see tons of magazines with headlines telling me to lose weight, or look better in a bikini. Upon checking my Twitter feed, Women’s Health Magazine and Glamour Magazine provide me with tips on enhancing my looks by buying expensive makeup   Read More ...

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I like to take at least a half hour of the day and devote is entirely to myself. I call it “me time.” We all need to take time away from our jam-packed schedules and give ourselves a break. My “me time” usually consists of watching episodes of Modern Family   Read More ...

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