Trash the Clutter

Ever try to get some work done and get distracted by the things around you? Or can’t find the remote because it’s buried under a pile of mail? What about when you’re on the phone and need to find that piece of paper with the requested information? You’re sifting through the junk on your tabletop, creating an even wider mess.

On top of not being able to find anything, having a messy room or desk can affect your quality of work. It’s hard to think critically when your desk looks like this: (I won’t mention any names).

I find that when my room is a mess, or my desk is covered in papers, I have trouble thinking clearly. That’s not to say I’m a neat freak; it’s just easier to think in a cleaner area.

A clean room is a peaceful room.

When you’re having difficulty concentrating, getting your work done or you feel frustrated, take a look around your room. Are you working in a peaceful environment?


I’m Kayana, the voice of a little birdie, encouraging us to stay fit by eating delicious but healthy foods, working-out, and treating ourselves well. I’m an NYU student, a musician, and a health-nut! When I’m not doing schoolwork, practicing the oboe or at choir rehearsal, I’m usually working-out, cooking, or eating.

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