I figured I’d digress from my usual abs and legs workout and call it a yoga day. Thursdays always get to me. The exhaust of the week builds up, and yoga’s a great way to relax and breathe. I have to be very careful with the workout that I choose when straying from the ones my physical therapist gave me, so as not to apply so much pressure on my knees. I came across this modern yoga routine, which hits nearly every part of the body! With a slight modification, it gave me a great workout with very minimal pain!


The talented instructor, author and Veria TV show host, Sadie Nardini has over 200 videos, helping people achieve a balanced and empowered life through yoga.

I encourage you to try this! I repeated the first routine twice, and I plan on pushing myself to do 3 sets tomorrow! Remember: always start small when you begin a new workout routine. Once your body accepts it, you can push yourself a little further!


[If you have any health concerns, please consult you doctor or physician before doing any exercise posted on this blog. Lil’ Fit Birdie is concerned for your health, but is not responsible for any injuries! Happy workout!]

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