We’ve all promised ourselves that we’ll work out; some of us have even set up a workout schedule. But after a long day of work or a tough day of classes, sometimes we just don’t have the energy to fulfill our promise. So how do we get over the laziness and get ourselves on our feet? Here are some ideas:

     1.     Gather a group of friends to be your workout buddies. I found this very helpful in college. I had a group of 4 girls and we worked out together each day after our classes. (This was, before my knee problems erupted.) This way, we’re not only making a promise to ourselves, but to our friends as well.

      2.     Vary your workout. It’s harder to motivate yourself when your workout consists of the same routine everyday. Not to mention, you’ll get bored. So change it up! Instead of running on a track or in a gym, run outside! My favorite place to run is along the Hudson River in Manhattan. Or if running’s not your thing, shoot some hoops, jump-rope, go swimming or hiking! Get creative!

     3.     Reward Yourself. After an intensive workout, have an extra cookie! Or that strawberry shortcake you’ve been eyeing in the bakery window!

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  1. Tony Chau says:

    I run along the Hudson too!!

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