You may have bought a $5 scarf or a $10 purse off the streets of New York City. Or even a pirated DVD for $10. Who doesn’t like a good deal, right? But there are some things you can buy for a knockoff price on the streets that can harm you, including perfumes.

It’s called counterfeit perfumes, and it crosses dangerous territory. In the same way that people pirate movies to make a profit, name-brand perfumes are pirated and sold at a much lesser price. But the quality is not nearly equivalent.

Many counterfeit perfumes contain undesirable ingredients such as antifreeze, bacteria and even urine! Antifreeze is a liquid used to cool the engine of an automobile. Swallowing this awful substance can lead to nausea and vomiting, as well as serious conditions, such as kidney failure, seizures and blindness. For a complete list of symptoms, visit:

Although you might think there’s no chance of you swallowing the toxins, it’s still hazardous to have it around. I could spray the fraud perfume on my wrists, and touch my wrists right before having my snack. Or if you have a dog or cat that likes to lick you, you could poison your pets! Spraying it in the vicinity of others, including pets, can harm them!

So how can you distinguish between real perfumes and the pirated? First, examine the packaging. A flimsy box should cause you to be suspicious. Next, check that the cellophane wrap is tightly secured around the container. If not, keep an eye out. Finally, check the price. If a Ralph Lauren perfume is being sold for $15, forget it.

Also, be cautious of where you buy your perfume. Don’t buy perfumes off the Internet, unless it’s from a trusted company.

Although we all love a good deal, sometimes cheap isn’t always the best choice.




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