The secret to wearing makeup is to make it look like you’re not wearing any!

If any of you are as addicted to wearing makeup as I am, you’ll know that it’s hard not to put on a little bit of eye shadow and mascara when going anywhere, even the gym! But can wearing eye makeup have negative effects?

When we exercise, we increase the blood supply to our skin, which allows more nutrients to enter our skin cells. Our pores open wider, causing sweat to penetrate and clog them. Having foundation on top of that is a call for disaster.

So wearing makeup at the gym is a no-no. But some of us can’t leave the house without it. So here are some alternatives:

Tinted moisturizer: If you must wear foundation, use a tinted moisturizer with an SPF of 15. This is light and works to even skin tone.

Eyeshadow: Wear minimal eyeshadow, and stray away from dark colors. Try a shimmering champagne color so smears aren’t noticeable.

Gel EyeLiner: Unlike pencil eyeliner, which smear easily, a little gel liner will stay throughout your workout.

Waterproof Mascara: But only on the top! No matter how waterproof it is, it’s bound to smear if applied to your bottom lashes.

No Need for Blush! Exercising will cause your cheeks to get red, so save the blush for another time!

Lips: A regular lipstick or lip balm will dry your lips. So try a tinted lip balm or lip glaze.

After your Workout: Use a cleansing wipe to wipe off the makeup. Be sure to rehydrate with water to keep your skin looking healthy!

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