On a good hair day, I walk out of my dorm room with confidence, I speak up more in class, and I strut down the city campus with my head held high. I’m even guilty of using a good hair day as an excuse not to workout. :p

My curls are more than just pieces falling from my head; they’re a part of who I am! So I like to take good care of my hair, treating it with these natural nutrients it’s begging for!


Omega-3 fatty acids can restart hair growth, help hair grow quickly and stronger, and prevents hair loss.

Eat this: seafood, nuts, whole grain, fruits and vegetables. (Also see this post for more omega-3s sources: http://lilfitbirdie.com/good-fats-vs-bad-fats/)


Protein: Hair is made of protein, so consuming enough of this nutrient is vital for hair growth, as it strengthens hair and prevents those awful split ends.

Eat this: Meats, fish, eggs, beans, low-fat dairy products, nuts, cereals


Iron: The leading cause of hair loss is iron deficiency. So eat up on the iron!

Eat this: dark greens (spinach, broccoli, etc), salmon, beef, beans, whole grains


Vitamin A gives us a healthy scalp, skin and good vision! (Yes, it’s true!)

Eat this: dark greens, carrots, meat, eggs, peaches


Vitamin B-12 is an important beauty nutrient! This promotes hair growth and prevents split ends.

Eat this: salmon, poultry, beef, whole grains


Calcium is not only good for building strong bones, but also for strong and healthy hair!

Eat this: low-fat dairy products, dark greens, fish, nuts


Water keeps our hair silky smooth! Don’t leave your house or dorm room without a water bottle!



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