Nearly seven miles of the usually-hectic New York City streets are blocked off for the next three Saturdays, allowing city residents to run, bike, and fitness walk.

From the Brooklyn Bridge to Central Park, rest stops are provided for the brave bikers and runners to rehydrate. There, fitness enthusiasts of all ages can enjoy yoga, aerobic fitness sessions, dance classes, rock climbing, musical performances, and more.





On the corners of 12th Street and 4th Ave, as well as 25th Street and Park Avenue, vendors including Crunch gym, Whole Foods, NYC Department of Transportation (DOT), and City Bikes were providing free giveaways.

I received a helmet from the DOT, a carrot-berry muffin, a zucchini-chocolate muffin, healthy drinks, a T-shirt, a magnet, a pen, and even a personal training session and a 3-day pass at Crunch gym–all for free!

This 3-week event shows that the City of New York is working to educate city residents on the important of fitness and proper nutrition.

Summer Streets NYC is ongoing for the next two Saturdays, August 10th and 17th from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m., so for all my city readers, don’t miss it!

For more information, visit the Summer Streets NYC website.

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