Do you drink water…

when you get up in the morning?

before, during and after a workout?

each time you use the bathroom?

with each meal, even snacks?

I’m guilty of not drinking enough water throughout the day. Drinking only when we’re thirsty is not enough! Our body depends on water to eliminate toxins, transport nutrients, and to keep our body moist. 60% of our body weight is water, so it’s extremely important to sustain that amount. That means, each time our body loses water—sweating, urinating, even breathing—we must replenish our bodies. But water isn’t the only source of hydration. Other drinks such as juice, milk or tea are OK, as they are mostly composed of water. Foods that contain large amounts of water, such as fruits and vegetables are great sources of water too! But water is always best due to its calorie-free nature!

As we head into the summer and the days get more hot and humid, we must remember to drink enough water to stay energized! But what is enough water? An average man should drink about 3 liters a day, and an average woman, 2 liters. But if you exercise or live in a humid environment, you may need more. So drink up!

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