1. It’s too hot

Who says you have to leave your house to workout? You can exercise your whole body with the Full Body Blasts, or focus on your core with the 5-day core challenge.

2. I’m too tired; I’d rather take a nap

Naps tend to make us more tired. Anytime you feel like taking a nap, work out instead! It’ll give you an energy boost!

3. I don’t have time

If even a 30-minute workout won’t fit in your schedule, incorporate exercises into your daily routine, including driving, cooking, and grocery shopping. Here’s how.

4. I’m content with my body

You won’t be in a few years when your metabolism slows down. It’s important to develop healthy exercise habits now!

5. I have too much work to do

Take your work with you to the gym! Sit on a bicycle machine while reading your book, or swift through your flash cards while on the elliptical.

6. I can’t afford a gym membership

The gym isn’t the only place to burn calories. Follow the links above for an in-home workout. Or simply go running outside, take a bicycle ride around the neighborhood, or shoot some hoops at the local park. There are tons of ways to get exercise outside of the gym!

7. I’d rather hang out with my friends

Your friends might be using the same excuses you are to avoid working out. Encourage them to work out with you—invite them over to play ball, or go for a swim at the local pool.

8. I don’t know how to

Join a class at your local gym, school, recreation center, or use online videos to anchor you towards a healthier body. Workout videos are only a Google search away!

9. I already walk enough throughout the day

Walking at a face pace is a good way to burn fat, but without building your leg muscles, you’ll tire out too quickly and could even develop knee problems. Walking also won’t get you any upper-body muscles. Strength-training is a must!

10. I’m too old

I hear 50-year-olds say this. As one of the receptionists at NYU’s athletic facility, I see long-retired men and women coming into the gym daily. So no excuses! 

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